Corporate Philosophy

Kureha Ecology Management Co., Ltd. (KEM) has been contributing to the global environment by way of providing responsible and proper industrial waste services since its establishment in 1971.

Founded as a 100% subsidiary of Kureha Corporation, a leading global chemical manufacturer, KEM has inherited technological expertise in treating hard-to-process wastes such as PoPs (Persistent Organic Pollutants) and sulfate pitch. KEM has also been providing disposal services for medical wastes since the company’s early days.

In 2012, KEM succeeded to the environmental solution business from Kureha Engineering Co., Ltd. and further expanded its scope of services in environmental engineering.

KEM is a Japanese government-certified service provider to handle and detoxify micro-level PCB wastes since February, 2013.

Our Corporate Philosophy:
  1. We tirelessly endeavor to achieve a harmonious relationship between people, society and the global environment.
  2. We contribute to the enrichment and growth of the society by providing safe products and services.
  3. We grow and develop ourselves with the community in which we operate.
  4. We comply with laws and regulations, practice high ethical standards and operate in transparent manners as a trusted corporate citizen.
  5. We develop and nurture a corporate culture which values the individuality and diversity of our employees, and optimizes creativity and teamwork within.
  6. We bring passion to researching and developing technologies that are ahead of the times.
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Company Profile

NameKureha Ecology Management Co., Ltd.
Headquarters30 Shitanda, Nishiki-machi, Iwaki City, Fukushima 974-8232 ,Japan
TEL:+81 (0)246-63-1231  FAX:+81 (0)246-63-1232
[Waste management services]
[Sales & Marketing Division]
TEL:+81 (0)246-63-1331 FAX:+81 (0)246-63-1332
Contact [Ecology equipment][Environment S&M Division]
TEL:+81 (0)246-63-1358 FAX:+81 (0)246-63-1359
FoundedDecember 1, 1971
Capital240 million Yen
ShareholderKureha Corporation (100%)
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  • Iwaki Plant(HQ) in Fukushima Pref.
  • Kawasaki Plant in Kanagawa Pref.
  • Sales Offices
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