Gas Treatment

Activated Carbon Gas Treatment System

Efficient system meeting VOC regulations using BAC (bead activated carbon) that is manufactured by Kureha Corporation is provided. Deodorization and solvent recovery and removal by unique fluidized bed system are available. The system has a fluidized bed of adsorption and a moving column of desorption using BAC. Outstanding Award winner from the Japan Society of Industrial Machine (JSIM).

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Water Purification


To prevent red water, extend the life of distribution pipes and suppress chlorine decay. It has achieved ample results in waterworks and buildings.

Injection equipment for powder activated carbon is provided to prevent foreign odors and small amounts of organic substance. Biological activated carbon treatment equipment is also available.

Safe and easy-to-operate CO2 injection equipment for pH adjustment of water to expedite flocculation and sedimentation.

Technology to reduce algae by partial shading of light on the surface water of ponds and lakes.

Shallow Clean
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